Why Am I Frustrated?

I wanted to share a simple truth that has helped me work on me effectively. If you are looking for chapter and verse, review Romans 7 and 8. In the course of seeing change in my own life, it can sometimes seem like an impossible feat. I’ve learned why….

There are three elements of change:
1. Beliefs                             2. Actions                                     3. Outcomes
We get some outcomes that we don’t like. We’re disappointed in ourselves and feel guilt. So, we go back and work on #2 real hard. Temporary change comes and we begin to feel good about ourselves again…. Until a moment of weakness and we fall back into the same actions and outcomes that we thought we’d never visit again. Now, we feel really guilty and really disappointed and frustrated and perhaps a little hopeless. We try harder and we fail more and we get caught in this whole negative whirlwind of trying and failing and now we’re depressed and we lose the will to keep trying.

There’s a better way. If everything up to this point sounds familiar, I suggest that instead of trying to pull yourself up by your bootstraps again and change your actions, 3,2,3,2,3,2,etc….you take a deep breath and work on #1 a little bit.

What are your core beliefs? Do you believe in God? Do you believe in Jesus, God visiting earth in human flesh? Do you believe that He took the death penalty for your sins and you can be forgiven for the million trips between #2 and #3 and back again? Have you learned who you are in Him? Do you know your authority as a believer? The thing that pleases God is not our works, it is our faith. Take time to call time out every day and get alone with God and work on #1, your beliefs. What you believe will change who you are, your character, your walk with God, and a miracle will happen. Number 2, your actions,  will be changed from the inside out. It will no longer be a performance or an act, but God working in you to will and to do His good pleasure. When this happens #3 will be off the charts and you’ll find it hard to believe yourself, that life could be this good so easy. His yoke is easy and his burden is light. Ask for His help with your life. You don’t have to carry the whole load alone. He will never leave you or forsake you.



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5 responses to “Why Am I Frustrated?

  1. George Jones

    Thanks brother for sharing, good stuff that I know I needed to hear at the moment.

  2. Jeff Burke

    This simple truth works on all areas of our lives. The principles in God’s word will work in sports, business, relationships, and more.

  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. I get caught up in thinking I HAVE the solutions when I know I need to trust God. I remember before my children were born I worried about having everything I needed to take care of them. 8 years later I can ATTEST with a garage full of THINGS God has supplied in abundance : )

    Thanks Jeff and keep sharing.

    • I need to make a change, step out of the rut I am in, stop thinking about doing something, just do it. My problem is I just think and think and nothing gets done. I need to step out of this shell and expose myself to others and be happy in who I am and be the kind thoughtful person I am.

      • Jeff Burke

        I’m getting back to doing the blog again…. I’ve been busy with a new business start up.

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