Silence (The 4 Disciplines, Part 2)

“Let be and be still, and know – recognize and understand – that I am God.” 

(Amplified Bible)                                               

 “Step out of the traffic!  Take a long, loving look at me, your high God, above politics, above everything.”                       (The Message)

Have you experienced at least one hour of silence within the last 7 days? … month? ….. year?

God commands us to stop and listen.  We need to stop and make time for God.  Stopping is not easy.  Quiet places are difficult to find, but not impossible.  You must be willing to say no to some people.  Give up some things.  Change your habits.  Instead of just floating through life, some time management may be necessary.

Stopping and listening brings benefits.  Silence brings spiritual depth and intimacy with the Father.  Silence guards the fire within our souls.  Silence gives us a sensitivity to the still, small voice of God’s Spirit.  Silence creates spiritual desire and builds our faith.  Silence is spiritual therapy.

The refusal to stop and listen has negative consequences.  When our lives get too noisy, we develop a lack of motivation toward prayer, bible study, and church attendance.  The very things that used to strengthen and comfort you become a drudgery and a chore.  Your attention is distracted and your energy gets siphoned off.  When you get overloaded and burnt out, depression can result. 

When you begin to discipline yourself to be still and quiet before the Lord, you will find out 3 things:  1) how difficult it is.  2) how much you needed it   3) how much you enjoy it.




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