Holy, Holy, Macaroni

My six-year-old daughter was praising God this morning.  She started out with “Shout To The Lord,” and ran out of words and ended up with her own chorus of      “Holy, Holy, Macaroni.”   God was listening to her heart not her theological precision. 

Sometimes we attack others in the Body Of Christ because they may differ on a minor doctrinal opinion.  I’m not talking about salvation by faith or the trinity, I mean stuff like, macaroni.  Can we ever come to the place in the church where we look past all the stuff and see each others’ true intent and heart ?  Can we stop fighting about macaroni ?

I’ve read the bible cover to cover multiple times and even studied it on a college level.  We dealt with lots of macaroni.  The best I can reckon, if we trust Jesus by faith, we will not be judged by our theological accuracy on the final judgement day.  God will judge us by our heart’s spiritual condition.  And just for the record my heart is telling me right now that God loves the macaroni song.  –Jeff Burke


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