Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

Don’t allow the enemy to detract you from your vision.  Some fail and don’t know they’ve failed because they’ve replaced the main thing with something good.  If the enemy cannot get you to rebel against God, he will try to replace the best things with good things and he still gains spiritual ground. 

If winning others to Christ is our main thing as believers, let’s not replace it with other good things in the bible as the main thing.  We still need these other good things, giftings, miracles, etc….but they are not the main thing.  As we give practical help to families that are struggling and bring them food, that doesn’t mean we are called to haul food.  Don’t forget that the food is a bridge to share salvation with that family.  Sharing food is a good thing, sharing Jesus is the best thing.  Knowing Jesus is the main thing ….. don’t lose your perspective.  – Jeff Burke


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