Path To Peace

John 14:1 “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.”

The path to peace is through faith in Jesus.   I know that sounds overly simplistic, but the bible does not lie.  The issue of our faith after conversion gets ignored or resisted for several reasons:

1)  Messengers on the front line of any new revelation that God opens to the church get attacked and mischaracterized.  Every fresh move of God is preceded by a new revelation.  Because the messengers are human, they may go to extremes and those who embrace their ideas take a little piece of it and teach an incomplete truth.  The bible has perfect balance.  Study faith from scripture and believe every word.

2)  Satan attacks the church going forward and fights to discredit the new message.   Look at whatever the enemy is attacking and that’s what we need the most:  faith, financial blessing, healing, spiritual gifts, holiness, evangelism, etc.  The enemy doesn’t want you to have peace.  If you were walking around with overflowing peace, he knows that others would want it too!

3)  Our fallen nature which God is in the process of sanctifying, tends to enjoy negative criticism and finds fault with everything, including faith.  As believers we should be positive and pro-active in our faith.   Stand on God’s promises and stake your life on them.   An overly critical attitude and outlook will rob you of your peace.  Rebel against unbelief.  Don’t LET your heart be troubled, take authority over your own soul,  and tell your heart to believe and receive God’s peace.

Lord, give me a deeper faith in your very words.  A faith that hears, sees, knows, and acts like You did when You walked this earth.  Faith so real that it becomes substance and evidence.  I pray that the things unseen, yet hoped for become a reality in my life to glorify Your name.  – Jeff Burke


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